About the Author

Hi, I’m Moogie and most of my life I’ve been on one diet or another, never happy with my body. You can read all about my weight loss woes and eventual success with intermittent fasting here. Okay, so my name isn’t really Moogie, but I’ve been known as that for more than half my life now.

I’ve never really blogged before, but since I seem to get asked a lot of questions via Twitter and have started Tweeting tips, updates & photos quite regularly now I thought a 5:2 Diet blog would be a natural progression. Although I plan to keep to an intermittent fasting lifestyle forever I may not blog for the duration, but at least this site can serve as something of an information repository for my 5:2 musings, meal ideas, interesting links and the story of my 5:2 journey.

I’m a 30-something web developer based on the south coast of England, living with my husband, cat and numerous tropical & marine fish.

In August 2012 I watched ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’, the BBC Horizon documentary which sparked the whole ‘Fast Diet’/5:2 Diet phenomenon. I started the method just a few days later and am so very glad I did.

Since January of 2013 I’ve been Administrator at the web’s original and most popular 5:2 Diet forum, along with a small but dedicated team of volunteers from around the world. More on the origins of The 5:2 Fast Diet Forum another time though!