Extra support for new 5:2 diet fasters

As you may know, I run the FastDay.com 5:2 diet forum along with some lovely moderators, including a lady named Caroline…

Caroline has a brain the size of a planet (I kid you not!) and a heart of purest gold. She’s been fasting for years now and has had great success, as you can see if you read her 5:2 diet success story over at FastDay.

She’s been working on developing an online course called the “Fast Start Program“, along with the Ways of Eating team, which is a 6 week introduction to intermittent fasting/5:2/the Fast Diet for new starters (or re-starters!). I’ve seen the trial runs of the Program and can honestly say that even I – as an experienced long term faster – learned a lot from the Program, especially the excellent presentations she has put together. She does a great job of conveying her medical & scientific knowledge in way which is easy to understand and really relevant to fasters who want to lose weight & get healthier.


If you’re someone who needs a bit of extra support and structure in taking on new eating habits (or a ‘Way of Eating’ as we like to call it!), the Fast Start Program could be just what you need. It costs £40 for the six week course, which provides you with loads of great stuff – including a hotline for rapid responses, a chat area, drop in sessions, trackers & tools, educational content, regular emails and much more! By the end of the 6 weeks you’ll be well versed in the practicalities of fasting, the science behind it, a good knowledge of the body’s nutritional needs to name just some of the areas covered. It’s all been really well organised and the feedback from other users has been great, as you can see on the Fast Start reviews page.

If you, or someone you know, is thinking about starting the 5:2 diet and needs something a bit more organised to guide them into it, the Fast Start Program starts every other Thursday for new fasters and you can sign up on the Ways of Eating site here

(note: you don’t have to live in the UK to take part as the course is done online and the drop in sessions are not essential to completing the Program)


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