Fast Day Fry-Up (under 450kcal)

There’s nothing I love more than a filling, tasty Fast Day dinner which is quick & easy to make and doesn’t feel like diet food. After debating another nice summery salad tonight I’ve decided to go for this yummy fasting fry-up instead.

It couldn’t be easier!

1 Warburtons Sandwich Thin, toasted (100kcal)

A few sprays of Frylite (3kcal) or a few drops of oil brushed around the pan if, like me, you’d prefer it to taste right and aren’t too strict on your calories, +/-10% is fine with me!

2  medium eggs (160kcal)

3 slices lean pork loin ham (56kcal) I use Tescos sweetcure pork loin, delicious!

80g baby plum/cherry tomatoes (24kcal)

110g baked beans (100kcal)

I fry the eggs in minimal oil and when they’re almost done I chuck in the sliced ham to make it more ‘bacon-y’ and the little tomatoes to warm & soften them. Microwave the portion of beans for about 60-90 seconds when the eggs are almost ready and get the sandwich thins in the toaster at the same time.

Quick. Easy. Yummy. Filling. It may not be fancy, but all that protein will stay with you for longer.

…and calories to spare – so you can add 2 more pieces of ham, 200-300g (raw weight) white mushrooms (yuck! not for me!), another 60g of beans or swap a piece of ham plus those extra calories for a nice grilled or oven baked quorn sausage.